The Manufacturers Alliance Podcast is for anyone in manufacturing that wants to become a better leader and problem solver. This results oriented podcast will provide listeners with practical advice and the tools needed to help their company remain competitive. Listen to the show on our website or the podcast players below.

Lean Product Development

Steve Stucky joins Kirby to talk about how to launch the right products for your market, improve development team communication and cohesiveness, and eliminate waste from the product development process.

Minimizing Cyber Security Threats

Tiffany Garcia from CBIZ talks with Kirby about cyber security threats you should be aware of, where most of the cyber security risk comes from and what to do if you have a cyber security breach.

Training Trends in Manufacturing

Brian Sallee, Co-Founder and VP of Sales at Dozuki, joins Kirby to talk about training trends in manufacturing including training methods, training technology and training strategies as well as his take on the single most practical step you can take...

Implementing a Modular Product Architecture

Luther Johnson and Bill Kaelin from Modular Management talk with Kirby about how to add product variety without the added complexity, take the first few steps in your implementation journey, and avoid the typical problems you would face as your...

Managing for Daily Improvement, Ron Mrocek Podcast

Managing For Daily Improvement

In this episode, Ron Mrocek, Director of Operations at nVent, talks about how the systems within managing for daily improvement connect support staff with day to day issues so that teams can prioritize actions that will make the biggest impact.

Kirby SNeen | Getting to the Root Cause

Getting to the Root Cause

I’m your host Kirby Sneen and in this episode, were talking about root cause analysis. Specifically, I’m going to cover two quality tools: 5 Why and Fishbone Diagrams. These will help you and your team get to the root cause of your problem, so...

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